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The hungry little fairy knew he was offering her a meal and immediately went to work. She growled and hummed and she worked on Vince’s cock. He could feel her hard little round teeth gently scraping the head of his penis. He could feel her little tongue darting in and out of his urethra. She would dig deep into his urethal opening then force her head down on his cock until he could see her little neck swelling from his member stretching her throat. She was very hungry and was using all of her skill to quickly get a meal. Her hunger drove her to give much better pleasure than Ianaa gave. Vince was enjoying his new friend and knew that since he had just fed Ianaa that he could enjoy this much longer than he could normally last. He also felt guilty for thinking so selfishly.

He could hear her slurping and swallowing, trying to make him cum. She was massaging his testicles and taint at the same time. She would occasionally pull most of his cock out if her mouth and suck hard on the head. She became more and more desparate and Vince knew he should stop holding back and release his load into her.

Can I touch you? Gentle?” he asked her. He moved his hand slowly toward her body.

She watched him cautiously but did not stop her work. Vince started petting her soft little body and she relaxed as she realized that he meant no harm. He stroked her small bottom and watched as she leaned over for him to touch her while swallowing all of his cock into her mouth and throat. The aggressive blowjob and the vision sent him over the edge and he gave the hungry little fairy the load of warm cum that she was hungry for.

When she finished the fairy stopped moving, but did not take Vince’s cock from her mouth. She laid her head on his belly with the cock still lodged in her throat and waited for all of his cum to drain out into her. After a few minutes of collecting the last oozing drops of his cum, she laid down next to him on the blanket. She hadn’t eaten in a while and needed to rest and digest his seed to get the energy she needed to run back to the forest. Milking Vince had taken too much of her energy.