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Mistakes in bodybuilding
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1. Lack of warm-up

Warm-up is something that will not only save you from unpleasant injuries and sprains, but also prepare your cardiovascular system for the upcoming exercise. Do not immediately decide to go to heavy basic exercises, always do a warm-up for 5-7 minutes, it will warm up and prepare your muscles and joints.

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2. No stretching

Do not start your workout without light stretching. Stretch from the top of the body and end at the bottom (neck, triceps, biceps, the widest muscles of the back, middle back, chest muscles, press, buttocks, front of the thigh, back of the thigh and calves). Do not hold your breath while stretching, each exercise lasts about 7-10 seconds, until you feel a slight stretch. It is very important to stretch to prevent injury. Stretching will also be very useful after strength training.

3. Frequent training for the same muscle group

You do not need to pump the same muscles more than twice a week, especially for large muscle groups. For example, the chest is a large and unbearable muscle (it is practically not involved in normal daily life), so you do not need to pump it more than once a week. Big muscles need more time to recover than small ones, keep this in mind when designing your workout program.