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DAMN MOM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HERE I CUM MY DARLING,” I say as I shoot what feels like an enormous amount of cum into Mom. I keep my thrusting until my cock begins to deflate. I lean into Mom and kiss her hard. She kisses me back just as hard and puts her tongue into my mouth. We kiss for several minutes. Fred begins licking and sucking on Mom’s boobs. I roll off her, wipe myself off and put my shorts back on. Mom thanks me for joining them and I head out of the bedroom.

As I leave Mom’s bedroom, I am cornered by Ronda and Jennifer who literally drag me into my own bedroom.

C’mon Tiger, we both want a shot at you. I want your tongue to lick my pussy clean,” Ronda says to me. Jennifer says, “I want you to shoot all you have into my pussy as you did earlier,” looking directly into my eyes and giving me a wink.

As they pull me into my own bedroom, Jennifer leads me to one of the play beds and drops my shorts so that I’m naked once again. She pushes me back onto the bed. Ronda as swift as a cat, climbs onto the bed and positions her pussy over my face and lowers it slowly. I take a wonderful deep exhilarating breath of her womanhood before I begin to lick and suck on her labia and clit. I dart my tongue in and out of her sex causing her to cum in just a couple of minutes of my licking her sweet tasty pussy.

I feel a pair of lips on my cock licking and sucking to get me fully hard once again. She is moaning and telling me that Mom tastes delicious on my cock. I just smile and keep licking and sucking Ronda. Jennifer has me hard in just a couple of minutes. I feel her mount me and begin to rock back and forth allowing my cock to go as deep into her as it will reach.