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Starting An Essay: How To Write A Hook


Want to get your readers interested by making the first paragraph of your essay intriguing? The best way to achieve that is by using attention-grabbing statements known as hooks. Don’t know what is a hook and why it is important to use in essay writing? If yes, then keep on reading the article until the end to understand why it is essential to begin your essay with a hook. 


A hook is usually the first sentence in an essay that is written to grab the reader’s attention so that they should keep on reading. This can be achieved by including a few different types of hooks. The sole purpose of write my essay is to spark curiosity. Keep in mind that a hook is a great way to make your introduction stand out and arouse the curiosity in the reader to wonder what will happen next. If you are thinking about to start an essay hook, have a look at the following essay hook types that you can consider for your essay introduction. 


There are are several ways that can be used to hook your readers at the start of an essay. Out of those, you can find the most effective hooks below that you can consider to use in your essay. 




  • Start With A Question 



The most effective way is to start with an interesting question that somehow relates to your topic. If it pique’s the reader’s interest, the only way to find out the answer is to read your paper. Have a look at this example question, what is the difference between college life and a work-life?There is a one-time solution - contacting an essay writing service free to get services from qualifies professionals



  • A Strong Statement



It is a statement that makes a strong claim of your selected topic. This statement will connect to your essay’s thesis statement by showing the importance and significance of your essay. This statement is a great technique to show how you support your argument. 



  • Begin With A Fact



Facts are a great way to hook your readers because they provide real information about the topic. Take it as a great chance to impress your readers with a strong fact from the beginning of your essay. Before including a fact in your essay, make sure it comes from a credible source. 



  • Story Hook



Another way to hook your reader is to start with a short story that relates to your essay topic. People love to read stories especially those that are well written. The key to coming up with a great story hook is to make sure that it must relate to the topic in one way or another. 



  • Quotation Hook



Another effective way to start your essay is to include a quotation. It can be from a famous person but it does not necessarily have to. You can connect anyone if it matches to your writing. 

Essay hooks are a great way to intrigue your readers. Select one of the above and include it in your essay for a great start. Hopefully, the above guide helps you to create a hook for your essay.  However, if you are struggling with your essay introduction or looking for someone to create an essay for you from scratch. There is a one-time solution - contacting an
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