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No problem, dad. Say, where's Lauren? I didn't see her when I came in."

Oh, she's busy on the floor. You know how assistants can be. Busy busy while the take care of the boss's every neeeeeeed." As his voice broke, I heard a giggle from under the desk.

I got up and came around the desk quickly. "Dad, why is Lauren under your desk with your dick in her mouth? Are you cheating on mom?"

Dad and Lauren stood up, but she continued playing with dad's dick as he explained. "Cheating? No, nothing like that. Your mom and I have an open relationship. She knows all about Lauren. Hell, she's joined us on occasion. We started it when I was on the road all the time, and it's worked well for us."

Lauren looked me up and down, then said, "Yeah she has. Jon, maybe your son would like to join in?" She looked at me with a hunger. I'd never known what prey felt like until that moment.