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Oh yes,” Esme replied, “we were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Yvette is the eldest, she is fifty now, she lives in Australia, went on a backpacking holiday after University, fell in love with the son of a beef farmer, Clyde, silly name but a lovely man. He inherited the farm when his father died, they live way out in the wilds of the outback, l went there once but it was far too hot for me and all those spiders and snakes put me right off. They have two children, Rory lives on the farm, Kelly came over here to University, fell in love and lives in London now, her husband is a Member of Parliament.”

What about your other daughter?” Susan asked.

Oh Jenny,” Esme chuckled, “she’s the wild one, she lives in Holland, went over there to work in a bar, ended up working as a stripper in a sex club, now she owns her own club.”

Didn’t that bother you, her being a stripper?”

We’ll it wasn’t what Sidney and I had hoped for her but she was always the wild one, she’s four years younger than her sister but she was the first to start having sex with her Daddy, then when she was in secondary school she started having sex with one of the female teachers, it was quite a scandal when they got caught in one of the store rooms. Of course the teacher got the blame, it was hushed up and she was sacked but both Sidney and I knew that it was Jenny who instigated it.”