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Importance Of Following The Unspoken Protocol For Becoming Responsible Smokers


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Everyone has a perception about those who indulge in cannabis now and then, that they are not fit, they can't handle their own business, and they are devoid of any ambition. However, the days of false perceptions are gone. The outlook on cannabis is increasingly changing with easing legal restrictions. This marvellous drug is now used for both recreational and medical purposes and the number of users is rapidly increasing.

Be it pipes, bongs, or vapes, any kind of glassware is available at the smokeshop since these are the most frequently required tools and accessories for smoking. Their main motto is to enable smokers from all aspects of life, enhance their experiences by supplying them with the best equipment. 

The code of conduct to be followed while smoking in a social circle 

  • Know the Legalities -  Before actually consuming cannabis, it is most appropriate to recognize its legal status in the place where you are using it. For instance, Consuming cannabis for recreational purposes is permissible in a particular state, but not in others. Here, it is better to know the legality of the situation beforehand 
  • Dose Properly - Before consuming the drug, it is imperative to know the toxicity of the product, given the constantly growing levels of THC  in different strains. Doing this you can avoid overdosing by yourself or others that sometimes lead to a bad trip and may even result in an off-putting weed hangover.
  •  Share the Clean Greens -  As we know, cannabis provides a means of nurturing social relationships as well, hence sharing is one of the most important smoking habits. However, if someone is carrying a virus, they pose a threat of contaminating the entire smoke ring hence would be proper to inform the group of such conditions before the session.

Safety always comes first 

If you want to break the unfair perceptions people have about weed smokers, and prove to them that you can be a responsible smoker, here are a few steps for you to follow :

  • Know your Limits- Learn to have control over yourself. We all know of someone who burns through his entire supply in a single day and goes around asking for more the very next day. This kind of excessive indulgence will never help you reach your goal.
  •  Handle Your Business - Without knowing how to prioritize, you will never be able to turn into a conscious smoker. Indulging into cannabis once in a while is fine but it should not influence your daily routine. Between work or smoking, work should be given the highest priority. 

Cannabis is quite a flexible drug and it may be consumed through smoking, dabbing, vaping, or even through edibles.  


In reality, there are plenty of smokers who don’t just stay home and be lethargic all day. Although it takes time to practice proper protocol while dealing with cannabis, thinking and acting rationally with regards to situations that require consideration for others on their part as a smoker is the most basic thing to do and it should come naturally to them. Ultimately, smoking cannabis is about reinforcing social relationships and having a good time.