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Oh don’t be shocked,” Julie had said, “he’s been screwing me for years, he was in school with my son Simon. We were in a similar situation, my husband had cleared off and it wasn’t easy for a single mother to get sex, l knew of course that Simon was masturbating, these boys don’t realise that we do the washing and see the stains on the bed sheets. Like all lads his age he was wanking at any opportunity, then one day he’d left his bedroom door slightly open, l could see his reflection in the mirror, l was so randy, l hadn’t had sex for three years, l just took the bull by the horns and walked in, he was shocked but once l’d knelt in front of him and taken his cock in my mouth l knew l had him, of course he came almost straight away and he was upset but l calmed him down, we talked about it and when he got hard again l asked if he would like to fuck me.”

You make it sound so natural,” Susan had said.

I can’t believe it took you so long,” she’d said, “the first time Simon brought him round l took one look at his cock and l just had to have him and he’s got bigger since then.”

But doesn’t it bother you,” Susan had said, “with Simon being your son.”

Not at all,” she’d said, “but then again l grew up with incest, both my father and uncle were screwing me when l was a teenager, l loved it, they made me feel special. Simon is in the Navy now but when he comes home we always spend the whole day in bed it’s beautiful. You’re so lucky having Paul, he’s got a beautiful cock and he knows how to use it. We should get together sometime when Simon is home, it would be fun. You’ve got a lovely pussy by the way.”