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Theses and Dissertations: 4 Common Mistakes Blocking Students’ Success


According to statistics, ¼ of the candidates to a higher degree fails their theses and dissertations. Failure is always disturbing, sometimes even depressing. However, it can be avoided if you know about the mistakes that block success in writing theses and dissertations. So, this is exactly what we are going to present to you in this article from essay writing services.

  1. Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the main mistake that students make while writing their theses and dissertations. However, it is not that difficult to avoid it. Just format and cite the parts copied out in accordance with the requirements specified by your tutor and committee, and you will never fail because of plagiarism;
  2. Wrong chapters’ content. Very often, students are unaware of what they should write in different chapters of a thesis and dissertation. For instance, Introduction can lack the main purposes of investigation, etc. In order to organize the chapters of a thesis and dissertation properly, consult your supervisor as often as possible;
  3. Punctuation in references. What can be more frustrating than to fail a thesis or dissertation because of punctuation mistakes in references?! Especially if a topic of a thesis or dissertation is covered precisely and perfectly, but your paper has mistakes in references, a low grade is more than a hurt. That is why before you hand in your thesis or dissertation, check punctuation in your reference page;
  4. Uncovered topic. In fact, if you failed your dissertation or thesis idea because you did not cover its topic, you get your bitters. The most important thing in theses and dissertations (as well as in any other academic assignment) is a properly covered topic. That is why try to keep to your topic while writing.

Being aware of the mistakes from the "college admission essay" website presented above will help you avoid them while writing a dissertation and thesis.

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