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Oh yes," I knew that I made a good choice and I will have her before the night is over. I walked out onto the dance floor cutting in to dance with her. Paris turned around surprised and dirty dancing with me.

When the first slow song started playing, I eased over to her and without me having to ask her, she got close to me, I gently pull her to me feeling her little mound, pushing up against me, searching for the big bulge in my slacks. As soon as she found it, she let out a soft moan, " Ohhh" looking down at her, I see her mouth is open in disbelief, because of the size of it. It isn't so much the length of it, yes, it is 9 inches. It is the thickness of it, that always got them. Because it is a good 3 fingers wide and just as thick, which stretches the best of them. Finding a young one that could, " Take it, " is never easy for me, especially if I'm trying to get them to " Take it up the ass, " like I'm going to try and get this one to do, before the night is over.

Fucking a woman in the ass is pure escasty. I prefer Asian women since their pusses and asses are small and very tight. I have both of my big hands, around her and holding her pretty ass cheeks. Feeling her ass churning, as she ground her warm mound against my swollen cock, harder and harder. " Oh fuck baby, do it." " Work it, show me what you got " and she did, while everybody in the bar, stood there and watched her. " There was no doubt what she wanted, as she churned her little pelvis, grinding her warm mound against his swollen cock, letting him dry fuck her, right there on the dance floor." She didn't care, that everybody was watching, she wanted " It " and there was nothing that was going to stop her now, nothing. She wanted me, as much as I wanted her, maybe more.

She had heard the rumors about me being hung like a bull, she had taken smaller ones before but never one that is as big as mine. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted it and she couldn't stop now, even if she wanted too. I'm not wearing any underwear tonight, so she can feel every inch of it, as she ground her little mound onto it,harder and harder, trying to get me to " Want her." And I did, boy did I. We didn't finish our drinks, as we grabbed our things and went out the back door. As soon as I had her in my car, I look at her and said, " Come on baby, don't stop now, do something to it." As I lean back against my door watching her small hands, undoing my slacks and pulling it out. Squealing like a little girl and moaning, when she sees how big it is.

I watch as she starts working it up and down slowly. Watching me, with her pretty blue eyes and her long pretty blonde hair, hanging all the way down to her waist. " Fuck," she is pretty. From the way she is moving her little hand up and down on it, she is " Talented " and before the night is over, I'm going to find out, just how talented she really is. Her mouth is hanging open and she keeps looking up at me, like she is waiting for me to tell her to, " Do it," or something. Finally I can't take it anymore and I reach behind her head and gently pull her down to it, until I feel her breathing on it. I want to scream, " What are you waiting for " but that's when I feel it. " It " being her tiny tongue and she is probing the little hole in the end of it, with the tip of it. Using it to taste my precum, again and again, until it is all gone. And then circling the warm swollen head, caressing it, with her warm soft tongue.