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I love you Mum,” he said, bending to kiss her, lifting her to her feet and kissing her again. He led her by her hand upstairs to the shower.

They embraced each other under the cascade of warm water as if they were afraid to let each other go for fear that the dream would be shattered. He washed her tenderly and she did the same to him, constantly stopping to kiss and embrace like young lovers.

At one point she stopped him, holding his face inches from her own, looking directly into his eyes.

I don’t care any more,” she said, “l don’t care what we do, what you do, l know you love me, you know l love you. I want this to last forever, l’m yours completely, do what you wish with me.”

He kissed her deeply, she clung to him, her arms round his neck, her legs round his waist. She felt the tip of his cock brush against her vagina.