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Kneeling at the tub’s edge, Ella bent over and gently ran her soapy palm over D’s thigh. Her hands moved slowly...carefully over the stitches for only a few seconds before she applied some leverage to turn him around and rinse off the area. “That’s got it...good,” she hummed, turning his back once again to the spray. Water had now saturated her silk shirt, leaving nothing to the boy’s imagination. The transparent material clung to her like cellophane, and as the water cooled it stiffened her nipples, as if she’d just walked down the freezer aisle at Safeway.

Okay, Son, how are these doing?” she asked, soaping up her hands once again to cradle his bruised balls.

Ooooo...still pretty tender,” he replied, reflexively jerking his hips back, as her tiny hands made contact.

Too sore?” she asked, pulling her hands from his sac. She looked up at him, her elbows resting on the tubs rim and her doe-brown eyes seeking confirmation. don’t think so,” D acknowledged, dropping his gaze to take in his beautiful nurse and her huge tits. The verbal ‘go ahead’ was really enough, but it was the sudden twitch of Devon’s thick rod that gave her permission.