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He wondered how well the girls knew each other’s bodies, whether they had explored each other’s delicate holes. Devilishly, Nick grabbed Eva’s leg, flipped her over on top of Anna, and pushed Eva’s dripping-wet pussy up toward Anna’s head. Eva took the cue naturally and rode her best friend’s face with her cum-leaking cunt. Anna gladly accepted and wagged her tongue as Eva rubbed her budding womanhood over her face.

And there it was again, in Nick’s plain view: Eva’s perfect ass. He had fantasized for years about fucking a hot Asian girl’s virgin ass. And he knew this was his chance with this insatiable Filipina. With his cock still inside his niece, he reached down under Eva’s hips, rubbed her dripping-wet pussy with two fingers, coated them with her girl cum, and brought them back to her ass.

He slowly worked one finger inside, all the way in, back out, again and again, and then adding a second.

Eva moaned in forbidden delight. “Oh god, yes, that’s amazing!”

Stimulating her ass made more and more of her pussy juices ooze onto Anna’s face. She assumed her best friend was enjoying her tongue, not her uncle’s fingers up the ass.