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She looks up slightly alarmed so I call out quietly, "Hey, anyone awake?" She smiles at hearing my voice and comes to answer the door. She is just reaching out for the handle when she feels my cum still running down her leg. She grabs a shirt of the floor and dries herself and then tossing it aside.

She cracks the door and gazes out at me looking me up and down. She smiles. "Still rocking that thong! Are we going to have to get you more of those Chip?" The Chip n Dale dancers reference is classic Clara. Never let me have an inch.

Well, since you went out of your way to buy me one and get me into it, I just may." She feigns innocence again. "Whatever, you know you just wanted to see all of this."

It's not the worst sight ever, but why would I ever try to manipulate a situation to get you into a tiny thong for 24 hours?"

Ummhhm." I leave that question unanswered for now. "Hey, is Mia up? I need to ask her about something."