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Soon after that first orgasm, she became more vocal. My husband and I honestly were not concerned, we both were sexually curious at that same age so it was not a big deal. In fact, I started masturbating when I was much younger, probably seven. But I can explain my sexual youth another time, first let me finish this story.

I arrived at work and went straight to the bathroom, which was empty. I went into a stall to urinate. While feeling the pleasant and relaxing sensation of release, I lost myself in fantasy; I was having more ideas! I was not able to resist my lustfulness and I couldn’t help being sexually creative.

My name is Kara, I am 35 and a mommy to one beautiful daughter, Bailey. I re-discovered my joy for incestuous voyeurism that memorable summer day because I overheard Bailey dirty talking, and her dirty talk was not innocent. She was imagining getting fucked by her own father, my loving and handsome husband, Andrew.

Andrew and I have been married since we were 20, when I got pregnant with Bailey. Today, I overheard Bailey orgasm to her daddy fantasy, and I couldn’t stop myself from joining her in orgasm.

I guess I’m not too surprised my daughter is so kinky and naughty, I had my own daddy fantasy when I was around her age. My husband doesn’t actually know about my daddy fantasy, he just knows I enjoy role-playing as a teenage girl with older men. In fact, even Andrew enjoys his ‘teen schoolgirl’ fantasy, but I guess I still feel too ashamed to tell him everything. I don’t know how he would react if he knew, and I have never had the courage to tell him.