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Later, I went back out and found the same cow who had been mounting the other. i harnessed her and led her back to the barn. As we walked her tail swated flys and i could see her budding pussy was big and pink, and nice mound calling me. With each step small amounts of liquid seeped out of it, drizziling down to her utters and falling onto the ground. We finally reached the Barn, I placed her in a medium sized pen, and examined her closely, sprayed her down and went to get the long gloves.

We use these long gloves to see if the cows are pregnant, they go all the way up to your shoulder. Then you place you hand in the cows anus and see if you can feel a lump.

I slid on one of the gloves, her pussy shined in the light with the fresh water i had just sprayed onto it. With one finger I gently pushed on the outside of her opening. She quickly began to engulf me, I pushed a little harder and soon my whole hand was inside her pussy, I wiggled my fingers and pulled it out, the glove was covered with sticky juices.

Again I inserted my hand, this time going farther, the walls of her pussy were hard, slowly I continued my treck to the center of her cunt. I was at the elbow, it was here that I began to feel a tightening in my pants. Out I pulled and inch or two, then plunged back in six. Over and over I went, pushing my arm into the hole of my bovine lover.

Finally I reached a point where I could not push any farther, it wasnt her, it was me. My arm just wasnt long enough. It was here that I pulled out and slammed my arm back in, she jumped. As my arm slid in her anus released, covering me in smelly cow shit.