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Anything we wanted to see... they would do it again when I asked...and this time we got to watch up close. Mom showed me how to make a flaccid cock rigid with her hands and then with her mouth. We talked about cum and what it tasted like and if it was clean enough to have in my mouth. She showed me how sucking on dad’s cock made her vagina wet, what that looked like, smelt like, tasted like, and how being wet made it so much easy for dad’s cock to go in. She showed us how important it was for a woman to get excited and ready before a man did that. She explained how dad would caress her vulva and clit with his fingers and with his tongue before he ever did anything with his cock and she even got dad to suck on her pussy for both of us to watch. My mom asked us both to come real close and see exactly how dad would suck and lick on her entire vulva, while he placed his fingers inside her vagina massaging her spongy G-Spot. He then asked Max to stick his middle finger into mom’s vagina, with his own, so he could guide both fingers directly to the correct spot. Not wanting to be left out, I leaned over and sucked on mom’s nipples and we all continued until she started shaking and quivering in an orgasm. After that dad climbed up between her legs and while we both sat on either side of mom, we watched him slide his penis into her pussy. After watching him push it in and out for quite awhile, he pulled it out stroking it until semen squirted all over mom’s belly and boobs. Mom then scooped some of it up with her fingers and licked them off while smiling at me...and never breaking eye contact, she dipped one of her fingers in the pool of cum again and held it out to me. She must have sensed how badly I wanted to taste it. So I leaned forward and sucked her finger clean. There has never been a moment that I felt as close to her as I did when she did that. I loved her for it.”

Jenny told me what she learned in those moments was easier to convey than how she felt in those moments.

It was incredibly exciting but curiosity was my dominant feeling. I just wanted to know everything. Mom and dad made the whole talk seem so calm and peaceful. Watching sex so close like that became the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I credit those two hours as permanently laying a healthy and knowledgable view of what real sex was like.”

The talk” ended with a complete and honest confession of how far Jenny and Max had explored sex together and how much they loved sleeping together.

I pleaded with them to not make us stop!”