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Don't be silly," she answered, in a hushed voice. Blunting his objection, Mrs. Albright reached and pulled her bunkmate to the mattress. "This is a pretty big bed for two little people. I promise I'll stay over here," she concluded coyly.

Well, if you think it's okay."

It's fine. Now...try and get some sleep."

If the teen thought it was difficult to sleep before...the task of drifting off now was impossible. He lay with his head on the pillow staring straight ahead into the blackness of the room. Devon listened to the slow, steady breathing of Ella, who was only inches from him, yet there was no contact. Minutes, that seemed like hours, passed at a crawl. The boy's mind was taken to places he dared not go, including being murdered by Bruce should he step in and find Ella next to his shortstop.

Suddenly from the darkness, Ella sighed. "Can't about you?" she asked.