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Since the guys wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Jerry, he got to have the first fuck. He and Maria went up the stairs to a guest bedroom and closed the door. Since I was with Jamal, I didn’t get to go to my office to watch on the monitor. I started talking to Jamal and I told him how much Maria is looking forward to feeling his big cock in her pussy. I told him I’d never sucked a black guy’s cock before and I have actually wanted to suck his cock from the first day I saw it. I asked him if I could suck his cock and he said for me to go ahead and go for it.

I got between his legs as he sat on the couch and wrapped my hand around it. It wasn’t super thick; I was able to wrap my hand around it, but it was so long there was still another four inches at least sticking up past my hand. When I put my hand on my dick only the head is still sticking out. I licked from the base all the way up to the head and then swirled my tongue around the head. I licked it a few times and then held his cock up and lapped at his balls. They look like they’re almost twice the size of mine.

I proceeded to give him a long, slow blow job. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked him if he would still be able to get hard and give Maria a load of cum if he cums now in my mouth. He assured me he could go several times a day so I went back at it and started sucking his cock with gusto. It’s not something I’ve done very often, but that big, black cock just seemed to be begging to be sucked. When he fired his cum into my mouth it was a pretty big load. I tried to swallow each jet of cum but he was firing faster than I could gulp it down.

I gently licked the outside to get any residual cum and he was still somewhat hard. My dick would have been all shriveled up by now. Even in my youth, I didn’t have a cock like that. What a lucky son of a bitch this kid is. Maria is going to love fucking that cock.

We just sat and talked while waiting for Maria and Jerry to get done. I offered to play some pool with him, but Jamal didn’t think playing pool in the nude sounded good to him. I assured him playing pool in the nude with a woman is really good. I love seeing Maria bent over the table with that great ass sticking out. She’s lucky to get off a shot without me poking her from behind with my dick.