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Eventually his coach, Bruce Albright, suggested an alternative that would allow Devon to play, at least for one more season. Devon could live with them for the summer. They had plenty of room. Their older boy was away working, leaving an extra room that would easily accommodate Devon's needs. The offer was a God send, and one that Devon quickly accepted. It was not quite as easy for Miriam to come to terms with the offer, but she eventually relented, knowing Devon was like a dog with a bone and wouldn't let her have any peace until she said 'yes'.

Mr. Albright was not only the Rocket's head-coach but he was the father of Devon's best friend, Jeff. The two boys had been fastened at the hip since middle school and had played baseball together for six years, sometimes on opposing teams but most often together. Jeff was a blond haired, thick-chested third baseman, who could throw the ball harder than anyone around, as well, he was a slugger -- racking up more home runs in a single season than any other player. Devon, on the other hand, was a whopping 130 lbs, but wiry, agile and quick, making him an ideal shortstop. Together the pair made hitting to the left side of a ball diamond almost certain death.

Devon had a great deal of respect for his coach. He appeared to be a good man, who sacrificed much of his own time, talents, and resources for the game he loved. Unlike Devon's father, he was not a carouser, and loved his wife and family. However, he was not a perfect man, and he had his dark side. One that Devon would not understand until he was a man himself, with his own set of frailties and compulsions. Bruce Albright was addicted to pornography. As teens, Jeff and Devon, didn't understand the underlying implications of such an addiction, but they found themselves the welcome recipients of a never ending supply of smut from which to choose.

Boys will be boys, and it didn't seem to matter where Bruce would hide his collection. Soon enough Jeff would locate the stash and they would binge on Playboy, Penthouse, Qui and Chic until their eyes were as sore as their pricks.

Anyway, on the first day of the summer season, Devon showed up at practice with the usual: ball glove, uniform, and hat, but in addition he toted a medium sized suitcase packed to the hilt with his personal belongings. The team was more than happy to see their star shortstop and welcomed him with great adulation. He was where he longed to be with those he cherished the most.