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That’s a pretty tall order, My Boy,” she said, holding up the empty bottle for him to inspect.

Oh, just watch,” he replied, accepting her unstated challenge.

Pulling the damp gown above his groin, he took his fully erect cock in his right hand and began massaging his testicles with the other. It wasn’t the biggest unit Marie had ever seen but the boy certainly had a pair of balls that rivalled anything she’d seen online. They filled his hand, making his palm disappear and the veins expand. At first, she’d offer to help out of curiosity more than anything, but now, seeing the magnitude of his ‘problem’ she was dying to see what he could deliver.

Your mom is worried you...ah...what? That you’re abnormal or something?”

Kind of...” Sid replied, still working his cock while focusing on her huge brown nipples. “I shoot...” he moaned. “I produce a lot of cum.”