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Claudia -Oh, Paolo has been sooo nice! He's giving me a tour on his yacht, and I can even see the stars (she smiled at him and licked her lips).

Me - Oh, ok, are you coming to the hotel soon? (she stood up and so did he, and I could finally see the upward-pointing, too-thick-for-her-hand-anaconda)

Claudia - Well I haven't finished dessert and this banana split is enoooormous. (squatting in front of him, looking at his cock with her jaw on the floor).

Me - You've been gone five hours! Plenty of time for dessert

Claudia - I've been bad (suckling noises and half-pronounced words). This is my third serving. It's reaaaallly yummy (looking to his eyes, smiling, still squatting, still wearing the hat)