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Choose a story.

The best essays are about the candidates themselves. A personal essay doesn't have to tell the story of your entire life; rather, it should be a summary with a deeper, more clearly defined message. It is often helpful to turn to an essay writing service, such as time4writing, or you can think about the impact past events have had on you. A student essay from Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Stanford told a common story in a remarkable and compelling way. In the story of climbing a mountain, he also expressed his appreciation for science as well as his dedication to the hard work that is the key to understanding the universe:

"Although the first few miles of my ascent of Mt. Madison did not promise beautiful views, the scenery proved spectacular as I rose above the tree line. Just as each step brings the climber closer to the summit, all knowledge brings the scientist closer to a full understanding ... "

The essay "Climbing to Understanding," which tells the story of a wandering man, simultaneously represents all of the author's values as well as his interests and philosophy of life. Thus, the essay presents an ordinary topic in an unusual way.

Step three: writing the essay.

You should have two goals in mind. The first is to convince the admissions committee that you are really worth taking on. The second is to show that you are an above-average intriguing person. To do this, however, you must first get their attention.


Most admission committee members spend a maximum of two minutes reading your essay. With this in mind, adjust your introduction. One "appealing" technique is to create a mysterious atmosphere or intrigue the reader; or at least not reveal many elements at the beginning. Persuade him to continue reading. The essay "Rising to Understanding" begins as follows:

"Surrounded by a thousand stars, complete silence, and majestic mountains, I stood atop the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, stunned by the beauty of nature."

The first sentence introduces the reader to the atmosphere of the story, drawing him or her into the world presented, but it does not yet reveal the theme or essence of the entire essay. To find out what happens next, you need to read ...

Main part.

After the first paragraph is polished, you need to make sure that the main body refers to the introduction. A good tip found in trustmypaper review is to find one element or sentence that will appear in your text. In the essay "Climbing to Understand," the author uses the mountain as a connecting element:

"Some people spend their lives climbing many small hills. However, if I want to see the most accurate picture of the world, I need to climb the highest mountains I can find. Too often people stay in the valley, content with the scenery that opens before their eyes. The mountain has shown me that I cannot be content with the landscape alone."

It should be emphasized that the author uses very simple language. Many students believe that a good essay must contain complex and difficult words; However, it is usually the simple words that best describe the essence of these essential ideas.

Another way to impress the reader is to use vivid examples and original images. The essay should contain images and be based on your experiences. The best essays are written according to the mantra of "show, not describe." Here's one example:

"As night fell on top, I watched the stars slowly appear until they filled the entire sky. In spite of the wind and the hard frost, I couldn't look away from the view."

This excerpt perfectly shows how the description of the stars and cold can not only present us with a landscape, but also make us see that landscape through the author's eyes. He is able to convey the author's thoughts and emotions without overtly describing them.

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