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Thickdickeric: what ever

He signed off. I sat back in my chair thinking he had a lot of nerve. Well I had about 15 minutes before it was time for me to leave. I review my documents and prepared for my meeting. I said to myself do what ever it takes to get this account.

I arrive at the office for Skimpy’s about 20 minutes early, the receptionist greeted me then offer me coffee and showed me to the office of Quinton Watkins. Quinton was a fairly handsome man he stood about 6’8, 215lbs of solid muscle. He was butter pecan, with smooth skin, I had been admiring over the past month or so. He shook my hand and offered me seat. “You’re early” “I like that, and I know Veronica really likes that”.

That information is good to know, Will she be joining us, I asked in my sexiest voice.

He replied that she would be there in a moment. Instantly Veronica appeared in the doorway. She extended her hand, and I couldn’t help but get glance at her gorgeous cleavage. She didn’t have as much as Jamieka but she carried them well. I wondered what it would be like to take her mounds into my mouth. What was I saying; I had completely turned into a freak. Damn! After our salutations and small talk we got down to business. Veronica and I sat side by side on a lounge chair in Quinton office. Veronica spoke first saying “We have not completely made a decision on which firm we would like to represent our company. All of the companies are fairly comparable, yet you seemed a bit more eager than the others. In light of this I set up this meeting to see what attributes you truly have to offer.” She stated this while caressing my thigh.