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From the bathroom, Rebecca came down the hall, freshly showered, wrapped in a white bath towel that extended from just the top of her chest down to the upper third of her still-athletic thighs. Nick gulped as he was immediately transported back to when he was young and would check out his sister’s beautiful body when she walked naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. He could just picture her fleshy pink nipples, round athletic hips, and the small patch of dark pubic hair at the top of her vagina. His cock started to fully harden in his boxers.

Rebecca walked into the living room and stood between Nick and the TV.

Nice you could finally join us among the living. It’s almost 10!”

I know, I guess this weekend took a lot out of me.”

You and me both. I like having everyone around, but it can be exhausting. I love these days at home by myself, and it’s even better now that my little brother is here.”