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Upon hearing her scream, Krishna had immediately frozen; his cock still buried deep, his concern showing in his eyes. She'd jerked her hips, silently encouraging Krishna to continue. He'd pulled out with a sucking sound until only the head remained buried. Once again, with a strong, slow, deliberate movement he'd shoved his cock in up to its hilt. Aeishwarya was in awe as waves of indescribable pleasure emanated from her pussy.

Aaahhh...! Fuck me honey, fuck me" She begged, jerking her hips impatiently, the floodgates of her lust had opened completely.

Krishna had needed no further encouragement. He had been holding back his lust, playing with Aeishwarya, teasing her to make her beg shamelessly for him to fuck her. He had now become intent on taking his own pleasure and had proceeded to fuck vigorously. He had soon started sweating profusely in spite of the air conditioner as his cock rammed in and out of Aeishwarya's hot, wet pussy. Squelching sounds from her pussy, Krishna's grunts, Aeishwarya's moans and the rhythmic tinkling of the tiny bells in her anklets had combined to produce a symphony of lust that had served only to further inflame their passion. Aeishwarya had kept hitting one climax after another as Krishna's hard, thick cock had relentlessly pummeled her pussy; the rim of his cock head had rubbed against her G spot while his pubic bone stimulated her clit.

When he had been about to ejaculate, Krishna suddenly stopped, his cock deep inside her. After regaining his breath after a while, he carefully pulled out, holding his cock tightly at the base. When he was sure that he had drawn well back from the brink of ejaculation, he positioned himself again between Aeishwarya's thighs and placed her legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, almost doubling Aeishwarya over, her open pussy rising up. Placing his cock against her opening, he'd again rammed home in one hard thrust.

Oh God! Aeishwarya had grunted as her breath was driven out.