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Hey there!! My name is Andrew, I'm a passionate writer and content creator. I also have a degree in Psychology which is my life-long interest. I love to travel, spend time with my family.I would be really glad to meet new people so feel free to contact me, we'll get on well! ;)

Here I example of my work:

When the term paper or thesis is written and all chapters are approved, it's time to start designing. The face of your project is the title page, and that's where you should start. Like other elements, it is also regulated. True, the rules were adopted in 1995, so some points, for example, about the size and type of font are not there. Universities have to set their own technical requirements, which are prescribed in the training manuals. For your convenience, Studwork has collected the most frequently encountered recommendations.

How to design a cover page

The title page always has 4 blocks: top - "head", central, right, bottom. The font is no different from what is used for the entire job. As a rule, it is Times New Roman, size 14, rarely 12.

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At the very top, in the "cap", our Ministry of Education is indicated, on the next line - the full name of the educational institution. They are often formatted in capital letters, possibly bold, single spacing, center alignment. The center block starts 8-9 lines down. Also in the center in capital letters "term / thesis" is written, in lowercase - the name of the discipline and the topic in quotes from new lines. On the right side of the sheet there is information about the author and the teacher: name, course, group - for the student, position and degree - for the teacher. The lower block is aligned in the center, the city and year of defense are written here.

Don't forget about the fields! Top 1.5 cm. Bottom 3 cm. Right 1.5 cm. Left 2.5 cm.