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She spread her legs. "I want you to watch me while I do it, okay?"

I nodded, unable to speak. She let her hand glide down to her crotch, and very slowly and carefully began to touch herself. My cock twitched and jumped, which only spurred her on. She went right to work on her pussy, not testing what felt good or discovering new sensations. It was obvious she had masturbated quite frequently. She knew how to get what she wanted from her body.

Her fingers slid up and down her lips, separating them to expose her clit. She was wet already, I could tell. She kept sliding up and down, obviously loving just that small amount of stimulation. Her middle finger suddenly darted into her vagina, sinking effortlessly into the hot wetness. She moaned, still applying pressure and friction to her mound. Soon she withdrew the finger and concentrated solely on her clit. Her free hand reached up to rub her breast, squeezing it and pawing at it just as I desired to do. This was torture, watching her arouse me beyond my limits.

I reached down and took hold of myself, wrapping my hand firmly around the shaft. She saw me do this and her hips thrust sharply forward, seemingly very aroused at my action.

Yes," she breathed. "Go ahead. Do it with me."