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Valorant Guide: How to Get Better Aim


Even with all the Agent abilities, the mechanics in Valorant heavily revolve around gunplay and accuracy.

The crosshair tips in our guide will help you improve your skills in Valorant.

Possibly one of the coolest aspects of Valorant is that it boasts "a diverse cast of hypernatural, battle-ready agents from around the world" with some cool abilities to aid the player against their rivals.

Even so, it remains primarily a tactical team-based shooter, with a high emphasis on aiming well.

Certainly, abilities can help you get easy frags (especially with Raze) or even win a 1v5 battle.

With the poor aim, you will lose more than you win, and ultimately let down your team if you miss easy headshots.

In other words, if you want to find out how to improve the accuracy of your crosshair, then look no further. We have an excellent guide for you.

1. Customize your mouse settings to fit your playstyle

As a first step, make sure that your sensitivity and DPI settings are correct based on your playstyle.

Since every player has a unique way of playing Valorant, there is no universal sensitivity setting. Some players prefer a high DPI, while others enjoy a low one.

That being said, a Valorant gaming mouse does not need to be expensive.

It's okay to use a standard mouse, but we still recommend that you go for a basic gaming mouse if possible, since you will notice a significant performance improvement.

Try this cps test to check your mouse sensitivity and clicking speed in seconds.

If you're coming from an FPS background and are familiar with games such as CS: GO and Overwatch, you may find this conversion chart useful.

1. CS: GO sensitivity divided by 3.18181818

2. Overwatch sensitivity divided by 10.6

3. Apex Legends sensitivity divided by 3.18181818

4. Rainbow Six sensitivity divided by 12.2

5. Destiny 2 sensitivity divided by 10.6

6. COD: Warzone sensitivity divided by 10.6

2. Customize your crosshair settings

The Crosshair setting might not seem vital to gameplay, unlike frame rates and mouse sensitivity.

Regardless of what game you are playing, ask any professional gamer or streamer that you follow, and they will tell you just how important crosshair settings are.

As a result, having full control over the crosshair settings is crucial in Valorant.

We discuss all the different crosshair settings in this detailed guide and how to get the precise settings you want.

An example of a crosshair setting used by professionals and streamers:

Aceu Valorant crosshair settings

Color: GreenOutlines: OffCenter Dot: OffLines: 1 | 6 | 2 | 3 | Off | Off

Shroud Valorant crosshair settings

Color: CyanOutlines: 1 | 1Center Dot: OffLines: 1 | 10 | 3 | 5 | Off | Off

Skadoodle Valorant crosshair settings

Color: WhiteOutlines: 1 | 1Center Dot: OffLines: 1 | 5 | 1 | 3 | Off | Off

Summit1g Valorant crosshair settings

Color: WhiteOutlines: 1 | 2Center Dot: 1 | 4Lines: Off

Dafran Valorant crosshair settings

Color: GreenOutlines: OffCenter Dot: OffLines: 1 | 11 | 3 | 4 | Off | Off

3. Getting your crosshair placements right

Valiant's gameplay resembles that of Call of Duty and Overwatch rather than that of CS: GO.

Keeping your crosshair in the center of the screen is one of the best ways to improve your accuracy during the game.

In Valorant, player speed is essential, so one-tap headshot frags become a way of life.

You can see quite clearly what your crosshair placement should look like by watching the video above by SpinCrash.

Valorant focuses on holding aim at a certain height and aiming proactively to ensure you react faster than your opponents.

You will be able to automatically cast a one-tap attack on the opponent's head if you're turning corners while moving around.

In contrast to Call of Duty and Overwatch, in Valorant, aiming is extremely sensitive to movement. Your shots will drift as you run and jump.

Crouching and stopping as much as you can when firing continuously can be a good strategy.

4. Frequent the training grounds

Valiant's training area should be your most frequented map in the early weeks if you are new to the FPS genre.

We recommend that you practice at least 30 minutes a day, experimenting with new guns and their spray patterns, as well as getting familiar with the different Agents in the game.

It's a good idea to try out each of the different training modes before you queue up for matches.