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Use These Handy Programs to Have Your Scripts Read Back to You


Best Text To Speech Tools To Read Scripts

Here's some screenwriting software that's a decent stand-in for table reads.

Hearing your outline or script read aloud can be extremely helpful, especially from someone other than yourself.

When you put words on paper, we all have our individualized process, but listening to them adds an element of undeniable truth to them.

When you consider them objectively, you get a better idea of where your story stands.

The table read can be a great way to engage with your story. Having actors, or even a group of friends, read the script can be very helpful to the revision process.

It is far more important and effective for us to perform table reads than to pay for script coverage.

If you do not have access to a group of actors, you can have someone in your family or a friend record the performance so you can listen to it later like a podcast.

Even if relying on your friends or looking for actors isn't your cup of tea, you can always use speech-to-text software to read it back to you.

Although voice technology has become more advanced over the years, it is something worth considering, especially since the software suggestions below are free. free text to speech converter which is available as a Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extension that reads imported PDF documents with a single synthesized voice.

By using the extension, you can continuously read your script while multitasking if necessary.

You can download the extension here.


NaturalReader is another favorite, providing more options in terms of built-in voices and the ability to speed up or slow down the voices.

You can upload PDFs, docs, epubs, ods, odt, pages, ppts, jpegs, and text files to the online version of the software.

The free version is usually 20 minutes long and gives you the option to choose between British, Spanish, French, German, and Italian accents.

Our favorite voices are Audrey and Jay. They read the scripts the most naturally.

The software version is available for download on Mac OS X and Windows, but it comes with only one voice.

Although the speed can be adjusted, you can also play the audio as long as you want. Furthermore, you can download it as an mp3 file.


Tableread is one of our favorites for table reads. The free version allows you to browse and listen to scripts in PDF format.

Pro version of the app is $2.99/month and allows you to add the voices of specific characters to your script.

The pro version requires a monthly fee, so be sure to cancel it when you're not using it.

Tableread is available for iOS and Android devices.

DubScript Screenplay Writer

Screenplay editor DubScript is available on Google Play for Android devices and Chromebooks.

The program is intended for scriptwriters, but it can also read scripts aloud using a single voice. It supports PDF, Final Draft (.FDX), Trelby, and Fountain Output.

This program will read the script back to you. Though the voices are synthesized, and there are no inflections or characters, it does a good job reading them.

Script Rehearser

In addition to enabling actors to memorize lines, the application, Script Rehearser, allows users to write or upload lines directly into the app, which will then be read back to them.

A synthesized voice can be used or you can record your voice.

You have the option to assign different voices to different parts of the speech, similar to table read, without paying an extra fee.

Script Rehearser is available for iOS and Android devices.

Are you aware of any better script reading software? Please share it in the comments section.