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To his credit the coachman came rapidly enough when I bellowed "Coachman," at the top of my lungs, but I was aboard before he could open the door for me, "To Trentham Town and don't spare the horses," I ordered.

I dined alone at the Dog and Duck, and lodged at the Crown, eschewing the chance to spend the night with one "Shantell," she of reddened cheeks and ample bosom and haunches and a bloated swollen belly and in so doing saved myself several shillings and probably a bout of the sailors disease into the bargain.

The morning came, none too soon if I am honest and then after a very acceptable break-fast I strolled uselessly about the town until predictably enough the carriage arrived twenty minutes after the time we agreed, the coachman claiming there to have been a surfeit of slow farm carts along the way.

The predictably dirty carriage clattered along disreputably enough keeping me tolerably dry if not clean and soon enough we arrived at the house.

This time footman and under butler attended upon us as soon as we swept down the drive and halted before the front steps, and between them they set the carriage steps down and collected my bags, this at least was an improvement, but otherwise if there was an improvement in any other area then I failed to detect it, though at least the staff were lined up neatly enough on the steps.