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Either way – both” he smiled.

Sean was standing by Lium’s bed when he put the sling with the green stone on. I had ventured into the room ‘innocently’ with them in my hand and showed them to Lium. He offered one to Sean while I donned the other. The rocks started to glow, the heat from the red one raced down my body to my pussy and Sean’s pants swelled instantly. My brother stepped back and sat at his game console while Sean reached for me. Our lips met, our arms surrounded the other then he and I started ripping and pulling at our clothes. In seconds I was nude and Sean was suckling my nipples. I heard myself moan when he put a hand between my legs to feel my hot swollen pussy lips. When he pushed two fingers into my body I had my first orgasm, it was a short shiver but I could feel another building fast. I managed to pull my mouth off his and urged him to ask my brother for a rubber. Sean paused my seduction long enough to grab a package from Lium and hand it to me. I tore open the foil then rolled the latex down his very long, very thick, very hard cock. Just wrapping my hands around him caused another shiver in my womb. When it was in place I scrambled to the bed on my hands and knees. My conquest got up behind me then pierced my body with his massive cock. When I felt his erection slip toward my womb I started a string of body convulsions while crying out my passion. Sean fucked me for fifteen minutes the entire time I was cramping with orgasmic shocks. Just about the time I was going to beg him to stop he rammed up my pussy so hard my head hit the wall and he started gulping for air and grunting it out. I could feel him pulsing the rubber full.

Sean pulled out of me and I fell to my stomach, he laid his head on my back and petted my ass while we cooled off. It took longer than a minute before I got off the bed, gathered my scattered clothing and left the room. I was walking on a cloud; my body was completely sated but I felt disappointment his semen wasn’t dripping from me. The entire sex session was erotic as hell but the feeling I wanted him to cum inside made me wary. I mean I wanted to play the game but not pay a penalty. Those goddamn jewels were dangerous.

I was standing in the kitchen when Sean left. He looked at me and sort of mentioned “goodbye” as if I were a household decoration again. Didn’t bother me at all him being so casual, I felt the same.

So Lium fucked two of my friends, I fucked two of his. We were hooked. Addicted to what those Chinese talismans could do. We sat in my room and made up a hit list, a list of who we wanted to have sex with. To be fair we kept the sides even and that first list ended up with five names for each. Lium offered me a supply of condoms because in all likelihood our friends wouldn’t be carrying any when they came over.