Source the Same or Better Experts for 30-75% Lower Cost than Traditional Expert Networks or Recruiters

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130,000+ Experts, Executives, Consultants, Contractors, Expert Witnesses, Job Candidates...

  • 30-75% Less than the Cost of Expert Networks or Recruiters
  • No Long-Term Contract or Retainer Required
  • Searches are Free, Confidential and Industry-Standard Compliant
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Use Zintro on a Self-Service or Full-Service (have Zintro Analysts do the work for you) Basis.

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Submit Your Project or Job for FREE

Enter a brief description of your needs for a Phone Consult, Project or Job and Zintro will match it anonymously with the most relevant highly specialized Experts and Consultants in our network and on our platform.

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Receive Expert Responses

Within a few hours to a few days, typically 5-12 Experts reply with a brief summary of their qualifications, a description about why they are a good fit, and a link to their full profiles for you to review.

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Engage, Shortlist & Hire

Anonymously communicate with the Experts to ascertain fit and agree to terms. Then pay the Experts through Zintro. Or, if you prefer, Zintro's Fulfillment team will run the entire process for you.

Current Expert Sourcing

  • You spend countless hours spent trying to connect with experts on LinkedIn.
  • And then spend even more time trying to explain to experts what you need and why they should trust you will pay them.
  • And then you have to spend a lot of time confirming that experts are qualified, interested, available and compliant.
  • Then you need to go through the process of paying experts and issuing 1099s.
  • Or you have to pay exhorbitant recruiter or expert network fees and retainers.

Time-Consuming, Inefficient and Expensive

Zintro Expert Sourcing

  • Submit your Phone Consultation, Project or Job Inquiry for FREE. All searches are confidential and industry-standard compliant.
  • Reach 100s of 1000s of experts with a single algorithmically matched Inquiry and expect 5-12 relevant Expert replies within a few days.
  • If Zintro doesn't have the perfect expert, our JIT Recruiting team will source him or her for you..
  • Engage the perfect Expert, Consultant or Job Candidate. Zintro will handle payments and 1099s.
  • Or, if you prefer, Zintro's Fulfillment team will run the entire process for you.

Highest Quality Experts, Faster and More Affordably

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10k+ Areas of Specialization

Institutional Investors, Management Consultancies, Market Research Firms, MNCs, Startups, Law Firms...

Bharadwaj R.
Partner - Market Research

Zintro has been crucial to helping my team source experts faster and easier than our previous means, while giving me the flexibility to work and negotiate directly with the experts.

Joanne F.
Director of HR - Life Sciences

Zintro is a concentrated site for hardcore experts in their field. Unlike LinkedIn or other sites, the Zintro courting process is short, with high quality candidates and leads.

Troy T.
Partner - Private Equity

Zintro experts are talented individuals from a wide range of industries. Many times we have leveraged the Zintro platform to help us evaluate deals during our due diligence process.

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100,000+ Highly Specialized Experts, Consultants & Job Candidates

Describe your Needor Request Pricing Information

Pricing & Plans

Whether you are a Private Equity or Venture Capital firm sourcing a SME for pre- or post-term sheet diligence, a Market Research or Management Consulting firm conducting primary market research for a client, a Fortune 1000 Corporation seeking an expert to provide a insight on a new technology or market opportunity, a Law Firm in need of an expert witness, or a high growth startup looking to fill a specialized job - Zintro's pricing and plans are built with you in mind.

Zintro's deep expert network & powerful platform, coupled with our affordable & transparent pricing, and well-trained support teams will help your company source top experts, consultants, contractors and professionals faster and more affordably.


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